Mixtape keychain with working Spotify song code - playlist link - scan to play

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Is there anything more iconic than the heartfelt mixtape? Remember finding the perfect songs that left just the right message, expressed just the right feelings and hitting that record button at JUST the right time? Well, the time has come for the modern mixtape! Feel those feelings and bring those memories rushing back with the perfect song they can take anywhere! Simply send me the song or playlist you want to link and you will get this 2”x3” mixtape keychain with a working Spotify code that they can bring with them anywhere! The pictures don’t do it justice!

PS- if anyone knows how to take better photos with clear acrylic, please let me know! 😂

As with all of my products, these can be customized and personalized to your preference. The one pictured with the snowy background was made smaller and included a personal message I place of the Spotify code as a personalized order for example.